Frequently asked questions

open-question open-question Are your homes suitable for all year round use?
All our houses are insulated with pressed stone wool and are designed for all year round use.
open-question open-question What foundation is required?
There are 3 options: Concrete strip foundation 200 mm. Building blocks on a crushed stone pillow (7 pieces). Screw piles (7 pieces).
open-question open-question How long does it take to build a house?
The construction of the house itself takes 4 weeks. Additional options like foundation, communications, terrace will require extra time.
open-question open-question Quality of the materials?
High quality wood is used in the construction of the house. All materials have a European quality certificate.
open-question open-question Can I alter a project?
Yes! We are ready to make changes. For example it is possible to order a house without interior finishes, etc.
open-question open-question How efficient solar panels are?
You can comfortably use your house without being connected to the grid. Panel warranty is 25 years!


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