The mission of TarkHouse is to make modern suburban housing available to everyone.

The company brings together a team of professionals in the construction industry.

Construction company TarkHouse was founded in 2013.

However, we started our professional construction activities in Scandinavia in 2005. The main direction of the company, as now, was the construction of turnkey timber frame houses.

We design and build frame houses of any complexity. The priority direction is the construction of modern frame houses for permanent residency, Scandinavian one-story houses, we build and design Finnish frame houses, we perform the whole range of works on interior and exterior finishing of any complexity, we are engaged in the design of monolithic foundations and we install pile foundations.

Our team has experience of over15 years. By choosing our company, you get a reliable developer with extensive experience and maximum openness in the construction process.

Our company pays great attention to the culture of construction! We build as efficiently and quickly as possible!

Do you want to build your dream home? Feel free to contact us!